Yet Another un-Mubarak Eid


sigh. we are ruled by idiots.


I remember last Eid ul Adha, people were in a horrid state of shock and depression about the massive blow to the popular peaceful uprising in various states in Sudan. The biggest in recent years, it brought a lot of hope, yet left people tethered and exhausted after burying, what seemed like, an endless stream of young men and women who had fallen victim to a vicious and armed-to-the-teeth government backlash.

سموهو عيد شهيد

Almost a year later, Sudan is sinking deeper in a black hole of despair, loss, conflict and absolute backwardness.

I have a few reasons to withhold “happiness” this Eid.

Maryam Yahya: what an embarrassment to the government; one woman managed to cause an international whirlwind and was such a darling at it. She won the battle and many are now aware of the blatant law violations by the institutions that should be administering, guarding and…

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