Open letter from Javier Bardem about the massacres in Gaza


just one of many written and spoken words on why we shouldn’t stay quiet in the face of the continuing onslaught, killing and violating of the Palestinian people, not just those in Gaza.


I have translated this letter written by the Spanish actor Javier Bardem, published today in the Spanish newspaper
I am not an official translator at all, but I hope this important message comes out correctly:


As horror is occurring in Gaza there is NO room for equidistance nor neutrality. It is a war of occupation and extermination against a people without means, confined to a minimum of land, without water and where hospitals, ambulances and children are targets and alleged terrorists. Hard to understand and impossible to justify. And the international community’s stance is embarrassing, allowing such genocide to happen.
I do not understand this barbarism, the Jewish people’s horrible history makes it even more cruelly incomprehensible. Only geopolitical alliances, that hypocrite mask of business making- for instance arms trade- explain the shameful position of the USA, the European Union and Spain.
I know that the same people as…

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