fruits of the earth – Khartoum’s Souq el Markazi


Went to one of Khartoum’s fruit and veg markets, سوق المركزي Central Market, this morning with my mum. I sometimes feel and act as a tourist and today I kinda was as I’ve never been to this particular one. Khartoum is renowned for its markets: Saad Gishra which is home to beauty products, fabrics and clothes; Souq Omdurman where you can pick up local artisans work, artefacts, carved ebony pieces, beaded jewellery, carpets, silver items, food items etc and spices; and el Souq el Shaabi (which literally means popular but can also be used to mean something is vulgar) is where you can pick locally made string beds (3angareb عنقريب) and chairs (bambar بمبر) , upholstery and haberdashery, household items… whatever one is looking for, name it and most probably you’ll find it in any of the souqs dotted around the city.


This is Nabil, one of many young boys operating a wheelbarrow where you place your purchases and continue shopping. He’s beautiful and with the biggest smile ever though he was striking a pose here…


me dad’s favourite fruit – we were under strict instructions not to come home without his babies ie bananas


grapefruit, we love them. nothing better than a cold glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice when its a scorching outside. along with sweetened lime and hibiscus juices they’re the number one choice for most.


the men in the background are separating the lemons (aka limes) & more grapefruit


one of the numerous mango varieties on sale…


oranges, oranges and more oranges

For the fruit and veg, all the produce is local with some imported items and generally the prices are much lower than in most high street grocery shops & super markets; plus you can ‘negotiate’ the price down and you buy in bulk which you later divide amongst yourself, sister, aunt etc

The mango varieties alone were confusing, so many and as for the grapefruit its one of our best kept secrets – succulent pink and very sweet.

Ramadan Kareem to y’all


2 thoughts on “fruits of the earth – Khartoum’s Souq el Markazi

  1. Tariq

    Interesting peace wallahhe enjoyed al soul al shaabi means national market and the other meaning us not valguar but common, but shaabi coming from shaab which is nation,those r names linked to socialism ,zaman nemairi

    • you’re right about the definition i should’ve included the origins of the words as well, but i did mention it means popular as well as vulgar (but thats derived mainly from the meaning of sha3bi music)

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