Alsarah & The Nubatones: The Sudanese singer carving out a slice of East Africa in Brooklyn


Another Sudanese female making waves in a very hard industry to crack is Al Sarah, of Alsarah and the Nubatones, a musical group that reverts back to its Nubian roots to create sounds that’s familiar, funky and just pure nostalgia with a twist of modern tastes. She also performs with the musical collective The Nile Project, an amalgamation of artists from all the African countries that call the River Nile ‘home’. Check them out as well, some great sounds coming out of that project. 

She did a fashion shoot for Brown Book magazine, showcasing her eclectic funky style.

The Guardian newspaper did a piece on her last year, as did Spin magazine (twice actually), and while you’re at it check them out on Soundcloud.


‘Alsarah and her band, The Nubatones, came together out of a collective love for the hazy sounds of 1960s and 1970s Nubian music – the traditional sounds of her native Sudan. Mixing the soaring vocals and pentatonic arrangements of the genre with Arabic influences, the band have crafted a sound they call ‘East African retro-pop.’

Alsarah often finds her clothes while travelling in East Africa, combing through the Maasai Mara street markets of Nairobi for jewellery and trawling Zanzibar for fabric and tailors to create one-off garments. Styled by her friend Zola Zakiya, Brownbook spent a day with Alsarah in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights for our latest fashion shoot.’Image



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