the dust, the dust and the dust


10155962_10154026140775648_6277948066594982616_n 10271512_10154026149985648_2679628668832508797_nWe don’t get gold dust in Sudan but we do get grainy, sandy dust that alternates fm being a ‘kata7a’ to a ‘haboub’ or just plain ‘El dunia mutaraba’. Wearing black is not an option. The original and photoshopped pics (it’s not just celebrities who get a touch up you know).

Our sand storms are silky smooth, with a few rough granules here and there. It covers everything like a dusting of icing sugar when its in a good mood but most times opts for the Mother Nature wreaking hell on everything. Visibility is close to non-existent, asthma attacks are common place, if you’re a contact lens wearer you’re better off fumbling around then wearing them….its a horrible time to be in Sudan. 496143363_79bc1f8171

this last pic was taken by an expat a few years back and no the pic is most definitely not doctored… (


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