Classic Sudan pictures


I was sent the link to this blog post featuring classic Sudanese pictures via twitter. Its funny and scary to think how we & where we were a mere 4 decades ago to where we are now Omar El Bashir (and the NCP as a whole) Sadig El Mahdi, El Merghani et al – they all have a lot to answer to for the failure, degradation, killings and total collapse of our country.



Pic 1: Wisal Moussa Hassan, Sudanese filmmaker

Pic 2: The orchestra & choral of the Sudanese Theatre & Music Institute, during the 1970s

Pic 3:  Sudanese women were a major force and presence in the Sudanese Army

Pic 4: A Sudanese wedding in the city of Kosti back in 1984

Pic 5: Students of Khartoum’s infamous Unity High School in the 1960s. The school was established in 1928

Pic 6: Miss Khartoum 1958 – Aziza Adam Mandeel

Pic 7: The women and men who took part in the first popular revolt in Sudan in 1964 against the rule of General Aboud. (and no popular revolts in the Arab countries did not take place in 2011. We’ve had 2!)

Pic 8:  Art students in the 1960s Sudan.

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