red beards… a faux pas??


one of my closest friends, H, posted this yesterday on FB. i was on the floor from laughter.

i don’t know if i’m down with Sadig Al Mahdi’s red beard…” (this following his appearance on the islamists fan-club station Al Jazeera news)

for those not quite in-tune with Sudani politics – Sadig El Mahdi is one of many inept Sudanese politicians, he likes to talk (and enjoys the sounds of his voice – he probably falls asleep listening to his own sermons) but does very little. he has the dubious honour of having been democratically elected to office back in 1986 but did f*ck-all and basically screwed things over big time, making it super easy for Omar El Bashir and his gang of murdering thieves to waltz in and assume power. they’ve been in that seat ever since – their fat arses are stuck to the seats – we’ll need serious hardware to remove them.

for more info on our former PM and constant pain: and

and here’s that dubious red beard (disclaimer i heart ginge/ginger/redheads…Sadig El Mahdi’s being the exception). i’ve tried finding out why the paprika stained beard but came up short and the most logical reason i could think of – he’s too vain, needs to cover the grey and so opted to go down the hennaed route.  **update: the “official” reason behind the red beard is religious, a sunnah which is: something prescribed as normative for Muslims as the basis of the teachings and practices of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH).




2 thoughts on “red beards… a faux pas??

  1. Elsadig Elmahadi is the one who thought he flew the coco nest. Funny how religions, philosophies or ideas are always reduced to appearance. You description was on the spot. Many thanks.

  2. Doojiez :)

    Congratulations! Mahdi needs to stop worrying about the superficial tricks he can do to seem like he’s following the Prophet…and think more about how he can be a decent leader of (some) men

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